Luke Walter, a young entrepreneur known as “LKZ”, is the founder of Beyond Digital Sports, an organization focused on electronic games and technological innovation. Ready to go further? Watch the video and stay on top of everything.

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With experience in the gaming industry, BDS proposes a never-before-seen HUB for professionals, tribes and people.

Click on the business units and get to know each one of them.

One of the main purposes of BDS Shows is to provide experiences so that all audiences can experience unique moments of entertainment, education and professionalization. Our goal is to democratize the gaming universe.



We make available to the public everything about the fastest growing industry in the world, watch our podcast and stay tuned for the next innovations in this competitive universe.

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Motivation + Opportunity + Inspiration = BDS generating in young people this thirst to work and live from this dream, to act in the gigantic gamer ecosystem , which already earns more than the film and music industry combined.

Motivation + Opportunity + Inspiration = BDS generating in young people, through its valuable content, the thirst to work and live in the gigantic gamer ecosystem that already earns more than cinema and music together.

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Beyond Digital Sports is a company focused on the digital entertainment industry whose main purpose is to democratize and professionalize esports to create and foster the national and international ecosystem. We do not act as an esports team, but as a catalyst for opportunities for those who want to become professional in this segment. BDS's area of operation is divided into eight business units that contemplate the creation of physical and virtual spaces that can be replicated anywhere in the world.

We are very happy with your interest! We usually advertise on social media when we open a vacancy, but we always feed our talent bank and give priority to those who have already sent us material before. To apply, simply send your proposal with your CV/portfolio (if any) to the e-mail Don't forget to identify your intent in the email title!

Keep an eye on our social media and on our website that whenever registration is open we announce there!

For partnership proposals, sponsorships and job opportunities, via email

Our Academies are already in operation for recordings and closed events, but for now they are not open for free visitation. Coming soon!

BDS Idols is one of our business units whose objective is to develop and encourage talent for the e-sports market, with the main activities of influencer agency, promotion and career management. All with a space to leverage your professional life in the gaming world.

With a complete team of professionals to take care of not only the image, but also the area of performance, physical/mental well-being and legal advice, BDS Idols aims to promote dreams and bring visibility to influencers from different professions.

The hottest part of electronic sports is the competition, which is the part that BDS Arena takes away from the lyrics. Creating competitive experiences for game lovers, whether for the competitor, spectator or investor, it's up to us, you can tell us that we scored this goal, after all, the BDS Arena is the bravest in identifying, planning and executing digital, face-to-face competitive events or hybrids, always aiming for the best results for their partners!

BDS Arena promotes high-level tournaments precisely because it has a team specialized in trade , strategic partnerships, content production, tournaments, broadcasts and events focused on the segment, with all members passionate about both games and the mission to transform the ecosystem national e-sports

This is the heart of the other business units, it is largely responsible for the generation of content that will feed our entire ecosystem, always bringing the most current and the highest quality standards so that our crew is always in the know. what's going on in the gaming universe, in addition to bringing new projects to all the demands generated by other platforms, after all, innovation, creativity and technology are the foundations of our project.

BDS Health was born with the aim of revolutionizing the gamer universe, bringing news made with the face of our people! No more sitting with the wrong posture, feeling back pain or not eating properly. BDS Health will bring a totally different concept with products designed from gamer to gamer, combining the need for physical and mental health!

BDS Lab is the business unit that works most actively in the professionalization of the entire chain in our ecosystem. Looking from the outside in and from the inside out, everyone is important in the process, whether it's production, broadcast, creation or narration. That's why BDS Lab comes to feed precisely our own professional needs, looking at the processes of training, professional development and production of creative technology.

While BDS Arena takes care of the competitive part, BDS Shows is the unit responsible for all non-competitive events.

Gamers fairs, cosplay events, autograph afternoons and everything that we enjoy doing when we are not focused on disputes will be up to Shows. The goal? Create an activation scenario where people can connect with each other and with the brands, vibrating in a single energy!

BDS Squads is the unit focused on prospecting and developing new talents, helping teams/guilds/lines in obtaining visibility and prominence in the e-sports market, after all, the stronger the links, the stronger the chain! As our company's main objective is the democratization and professionalization within the gamer ecosystem, there is nothing fairer than to encourage the career advancement of our future pro players and their teams.

You know that cool T-Shirt you saw one of our athletes wearing? That insane set-up that you needed to take your game to another level? All this you will find in our store. The BDS Store came to meet the needs of our people, from the look to the in-game performance, all with a special touch of our BDS DNA.

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