In 2016 Rony Uemura, the current Executive Director of Solid Import and Export, saw an incredible opportunity in the peripheral market. He found Redragon's name and colors imposing, and knew that a strong name makes a strong brand. It was then that Solid brought Redragon to Brazil. With the licensing and management control of the seal in Brazil, Rony decided to invest in the solution of a problem that affects many people. The pain in the pocket.

Normally good keyboards, mice and headsets are very expensive, and it was precisely there that Redragon shone, managing to bring products with absurd quality for an extremely affordable price. The result did not take long to appear. In just two years of operation in Brazil, Redragon became the keyboard market leader, surpassing names that already had a long history.

Redragon Kumara ABNT

Another aspect that Director Rony Uemura decided to invest in was marketing, after all, this is something extremely necessary for the consolidation of the brand, not just TV advertisements, or ads on social networks, but the way in which customers are treated. Every young brand needs a youthful language and this is how they were able to build a community of passionate fans.


With all the success that Redragon decided to take the next step and head into the world of esports. The friendship with the narrator Toboco who at the time was still narrating the CBLOL was a very important factor. He was the one who talked about the possibility of Flamengo joining CBLOL, and so the next step was obvious. Try to contact the Rubro Negra team. And in 2018, Redragon became the official sponsor of Flamengo Esports, a team that had the greatest player in the lolzinho br scene, Felipe “BrTT” Gonçalves.

In 2016, the brand started its work in Brazil and with less than three years of activity, they already sponsored the club with the biggest fans in the country. This was one of the first moments where Redragon burst this esports bubble and saw that it could go further.

Still in esports, Redragon not only stopped at Flamengo, also becoming a partner of Liberty and MIBR for a certain time, and they currently sponsor Gamelanders, a team that is a resounding success in Valorant, revealing some of the best players in the modality.

This partnership with Gamelanders, which belongs to the Final Level group, yielded something incredible, the Xdome Gamer Lab was recently opened at Shopping Santa Cruz, with Redragon being one of the sponsors.

Xdome Gamer Lab no Shopping Santa Cruz

The Xdome will have a space of more than 300 m² and has nine environments, a lounge, 60 stations with state-of-the-art PCs, an area where numerous championships will take place, in addition to an area for streams.

Redragon is one of the brands that most invests in esports in Brazil, not only with sponsorship but also creating its own CS team, Redragon Esports. This shows how the brand is really engaged in this scenario and generates greater trustworthiness.


Are you a streamer and haven't heard of Redragon Gaming Network? So you're wasting your time! The project is focused on helping small streamers, opening up the opportunity for subscriptions. There are more than 16 thousand emails already received. This initiative consists of bringing streamers to live on Redragon's twitch where there is live daily from 14:00.

And as the idea is to democratize this space, every 4 seasons there is a change in the streamers, to give more opportunity to as many people as possible. After 1 year, the person becomes an official partner of Redragon and is no longer part of the Gaming Network, opening space for new people, and still maintaining this contact with the company.

And speaking of Redragon's twitch, be sure to follow Crosstalk, a talk show that airs every Thursday at 8 pm, with games and lots of fun. Even Lukas “LKZ” Walter was invited to participate, after being announced as the new brand ambassador in Brazil.

If you want to know a little more about Redragon's history, check out the video that came out on the LKZ channel where he tells everything and a little more about this giant of peripherals in Brazil.