Turning eSports dreams into reality

The hottest part of electronic sports is the competition, which is the part that BDS Arena takes away from the lyrics. Creating competitive experiences for game lovers, whether for the competitor, spectator or investor, it's up to us, you can tell us that we scored this goal, after all, the BDS Arena is the bravest in identifying, planning and executing digital, face-to-face competitive events or hybrids, always aiming for the best results for their partners!

BDS Arena promotes high-level tournaments precisely because it has a team specialized in trade, strategic partnerships, content production, tournaments, broadcasts and events focused on the segment, with all members passionate about both games and the mission to transform the national e-sports ecosystem.


ShotCup BDS

The SHOTCUP BDS has its style inspired by the Shotgun weapon, offering short range Tournaments (few spots), but high impact for competitors and spectators. The objective is to serve as a starting point for players to enter the professional scene and give visibility to new talents!


  • Live broadcast of final matches;
  • Prizes with small amounts, but cumulative
  • Lots of winning players
  • Total prize based on number of entries
  • Short duration (1 day, 4 to 6 hours)
  • 100% digital execution
  • Free registrations

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Lukas Walter


President and founder of BDS

Owner partner of ACE, a technology company focused on the finance scenario. Member of the administrative board of Grupo Packtus, a business group focused on technology and innovation, serving various segments ranging from management to retail with space for technological innovation and integrated solution.

Ricardo Silva


Executive Leader of BDS Arena

Designer specializing in event management with over 17 years of experience in the entertainment industry geek Bahia. He is the executive director of 42 Cultural and the creator and organizer of the most consolidated games and pop culture events in Bahia, Anipólitan and Gamepólitan. His long dedication to the entertainment scene geek in Bahia contributed to the emergence of several business opportunities related to the sector.