About BDS

Beyond Digital Sports is a company focused on the digital entertainment industry whose main purpose is to democratize and professionalize e-sports to create and nurture the national and international ecosystem. With business experience, BDS proposes to internationalize its gamer academy model, replicating an innovative, technological and functional project around the world, reaching where no other organization has ever been.

Conceived by the young entrepreneur of just 22 years old, Lukas Walter, known as “LKZ”, BDS is an e-sports organization focused on the segment of electronic games and technological innovation. The company's area of operation is divided into eight business units that contemplate the creation of physical and virtual spaces that can be replicated anywhere in the world. The management model encompasses gamer academy, sporting events, championships, creative technology laboratory, career management, audiovisual content production and both clothing and food products.


Lukas “LKZ” Souza

Young entrepreneur with experience in e-Sports since 2015, going through all business processes.

  • Point of access to communities and influencers;
  • Responsible for structuring competitions (Digital and In-person);
  • Direct relationship with brands and sponsors;
  • Development of teams and organizations;
  • Partner at ACE, a technology company focused on the investment market.

Waldo “DRK” Souza

CEO of MW8 Soluções and Packtus Group and with a history of success in implementing companies and projects in the international market. For 20 years, he was responsible for the acquisition and structuring of operations in the IT and Startups market with a focus on innovation.

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